Bistro & Wine Bar


Side dishes, 125:-

Served 11:00 – 16:00


cream and wine cooked mussels, fennel, shallots, served with Hven Bread & aioli.

Cod tartar

rye bread, red onion, lemon mayonnaise & pickled green peas

Scanian cheeses & charcuterie

Britas syster, Österlen Ädel, fennel salami with rye bread, honey, Lisa’s tomato jam & Dischång mustard

Lunch, 165:-

Served 11:00 – 16:00

Gray pea steaks with herb sauce

pickled lentils, red onions, semi-dried tomatoes & ruccola

Fisksoppa på torsk från Ven

från vår fiskare Ola, serveras med musslor, bröd och aioli.

Wallenbergare med potatispure

gröna ärter, rårörda lingon & brynt smör

Evening menu, 225:- to 325:-

Served from 17:00

Mushrooms with gray pea steaks

semi-dried tomatoes, pickled lentils, red onions, & arugula

Butter-fried cod loin

mussels and white wine, pickled fennel, dill potatoes

Dry-aged entrecote , 54°C

300g Swedish, dry-aged for at least 18 days
Calvados & green pepper sauce, herb baked potatoes & salad

Our food


We serve food prepared from scratch in our kitchen on Ven. All produce are localy grown on Ven and Skåne. We work closely with breeders and growers for a sustainable future.

In short, food in Skåne with inspiration from our travels and haratige. Therefore, our drinks are also carefully selected to suit both food and our philosophy of sustainability and zero additives.

You can folow us on Instagram.

See you soon.

About us

Pausa hos oss på Ven

Welcome to our restaurant, on the beautyful Ven, situated in the middle between Sweden and Denmark. Sit down and socialize, indulge in good food and drink natural wine.

We love children, but because our restaurant is so small with few seats, we have chosen not to have a children’s menu, child portions or highchairs. Fortunately, there are plenty of other restaurants with both high chairs and children’s menus so there is something for everyone, here on our beautiful island.

In addition to our restaurant, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Kyrkbacken harbor on one side and our beautiful sea view with a spectacular sunset on the other side.

Lisa & Wojtek

Lisas passion

To create a welcoming and pleasant environment where people thrive and feel cared for, at our restaurant I like. When our guests are happy and satisfied, it feels good in my heart. I feel good about it.

Wojteks passion

Above all, I love to cook good food with passion, and caring for the animals, plants and the ingredients I work with, but also to experiment and find new flavors and dishes. Promoting the old local produce and sustainable growing. 




30 april to 26 september 2021

Welcome, Lisa och Wojtek

30 april to 10 june

Friday: 17 -20

Saturday: 11 – 20

Sunday: 11 – 16

11 june to 29 august

Monday – Thursday: 11 – 20

Friday – Saturday: 11 – 22

Sunday: 11 – 15

3 to 26 september

Friday: 17 -21

Saturday: 11 – 21

Sunday: 11 – 15